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Dashwood | A Bit Disappointed With ‘Ultra-Mono’

Best Album Of The Year: ‘Fetch The Bolt Cutters’ – Fiona Apple

Fetch The Bolt Cutters‘ makes my year’s best album among an embarrassment of riches from other incredible songwriters. It was the sound of someone breaking free – of rhythm and rhyme and reason at times – and the music was flawless throughout. Album of the last few years and it soundtracked both lockdowns with acuity and invention.

Best Single Of The Year : ‘Sunglasses’¬† – Black Country, New Road

I don’t care if it came out in 2019, it’s better than anything else I could have picked for this year.

Worst Album & Single Of The Year: N/A

I don’t have any worsts. (Just like Nicola, he’s a¬†sweetheart is our Dashwood! – Far More Judgemental Editor)

Favourite New Discovery Of 2020: Alabaster DePlume

To Cy & Lee‘ was the wordless meditation of oak and creaky jazz that I had been waiting for and I fell into his back catalogue with abandon. A wonderful, thoughtful artist who rewards your time listening with generosity and grace.

Hopes For 2021:

This year is all about ‘Black Country, New Road‘, ‘Mclusky‘ and ‘Future Of The Left‘ albums. They will be enough.

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