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Megan – Resident Young Person & Emo Queen

Best Album Of The Year: This Place Sucks Ass – PUP

Yes, I know it’s an EP, but it is so refreshingly catchy and also perfectly sums up how we all feel about living in 2020. It’s spiced up the scene with some absolute bangers, and I honestly wouldn’t have expected anything less from PUP.

Best Single Of The Year: It’s Tricky – Dinosaur Pile Up

I know it’s a cover, but it’s better than the Run DMC original.

Worst Album Of The Year: Strange Days – The Struts.

The best song on an album should not feature Robbie Williams.

Worst Single Of The Year: Strange Days – The Struts (Feat. Robbie Williams) 

Just because it’s the best song on the album in no way means it’s a good single!

New Discovery: 100 Gecs.

Look, everyone gives them shit, but they are the experimental cluster fuck the world needs. Plus, ‘Stupid Horse‘ is undeniably a Ska track.

Hopes for 2021:

Some new music from Dinosaur Pile Up and My Chemical Romance would be nice. Plus all the cancelled gigs and festivals to finally go ahead. Seriously, I just want to be in a mosh pit already!

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