Ohms – Deftones | Stupid, Sexy Deftones | Album Review

October 9, 2020 Nick Meekham 0

There will always be three things life will guarantee you: death, taxes and stupid, sexy Deftones. This time the Sacramento five piece are back with their follow up to 2014’s ‘Gore’, in the form of ‘Ohms’. Why not take a read of our stupid, sexy review inside?

Music In The Pandemic Age | I Want You To Be Strong | Week One

March 25, 2020 Mark Newington 0

So, just over a week since the world went somewhat crazy. Schools are largely shut, pubs and
restaurants are closed and only a few of us seem to have the right to be going to work. So our resident expert in all things Indie put together this solid list of tunes to get you through these mad times in the world.