Ohms – Deftones | Stupid, Sexy Deftones | Album Review

October 9, 2020 Nick Meekham 0

There will always be three things life will guarantee you: death, taxes and stupid, sexy Deftones. This time the Sacramento five piece are back with their follow up to 2014’s ‘Gore’, in the form of ‘Ohms’. Why not take a read of our stupid, sexy review inside?

Teen Angst Anthems|Untouchables – KoRn

July 8, 2018 Nick Meekham 0

2002 was a unique time in music. A bygone era where rock music was embraced in the loving bosom of mainstream media, used for Wrestling shows, movie trailers and shampoo commercials. However the undisputed champions of the raging teenage daddy issues were indeed KoRn.